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Leagues friday  
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1:00 PM   Friday Jackpot
Senior Fun Join Anytime 
League Type: Seniors  |  Price: $11
Meeting @ 1:00 PM

6:30 PM   Wheel Of Fortune
Any 4's  |  Starts June 08, 2018
League Type: Adults  |  Price: $20
Meeting June 08, 2018 @ 6:00 PM
  Get set for the craziest league ever.......... Each game won each night is not only worth a win, but it is also worth a consonant. Total pins is worth a vowel.Now, you have to picture this......at 6:15 the following week, teams will be directed into the meeting room one at a time to solve the week's puzzle.Posted on the wall will be a giant banner containing the weeks' puzzle. Remember, each team will automatically be given R-S-T-L-N-E, just like on the game show. These letters will be pre-printed onto the puzzle.Here's where winning your bowling games comes in handy. The team that won the least amount of games will come in first and try to solve the puzzle. After their attempt, they'll stay in the room while the other teams will come in, one at a time, in inverse order of wins to give it a shot.If your team lost all the games that week, your team would get no extra letters. If your team won one game and total pins that week, your team would get one consonant and one vowel. If your team won all three games and total pins, your team would get three consonants and a vowel. Obviously, the better you do on the lanes, the better your odds of solving the puzzle.As each team chooses their additional letters, they will be placed in their respective spot in the phrase. They will have ten seconds to solve the puzzle. After their allotted time, their letters will be cleared for the next team The weekly prize fund in the league will be what the puzzle is worth. Let's say, for example, that the weekly prize fund in the league is $200. That means the Week 1 puzzle would be worth $200. Every team that solves the puzzle would get an equal share of the $200. If two teams solve the puzzle, each team would win $100. If just one team solves the puzzle, they would take home the entire $200. If no teams solve the puzzle, the money would carry over to the next week making the puzzle for Week 2 hypothetically worth $400.